The cover of the policy

The bupa global lifeline plan is a private health insurance policy for those who require international cover.

About this cover

Cover is subject to acceptance by bupa global and is provided under the rules and tables of benefits of the bupa global lifeline plan contract. Cover may be subject to any special conditions or exclusions imposed by bupa global. Benefits will vary depending on the level of cover you choose.

The provider

Bupa global lifeline is underwritten by bupa insurance limited, a subsidiary of the british united provident association limited. Other services are provided by or via other subsidiary companies.

The length of the policy

Bupa global lifeline policies are of 12 months duration. We send renewal information one month before the renewal date. Please contact us if you need to cancel your cover during the term of the contract.

What is covered?*

This plan covers you for the costs of active treatment as per the full terms and conditions of your plan. This means treatment of a disease, illness or injury that leads to your recovery, conservation of your condition, or to restore you to your previous state of health as quickly as possible. This includes both acute (diseases, illnesses or injuries that respond to medical care without the need for long term or prolonged treatment) and chronic (diseases, illnesses or injuries that are permanent, come back or are likely to continue indefinitely) conditions.

  • You are covered for both emergency and non-emergency treatment.
  • Cancer treatment is covered in full.
  • You are covered for psychiatric conditions (after two years’ membership).
  • You are covered for sports injuries.
  • You are covered for drug treatments for hiv/aids up to gbp 12,000, usd 20,000 or eur 15,000 per year (after five years’ Membership) dependent on the level of cover purchased.
  • You are covered for hospice and palliative care eg medication to help you remain comfortable up to gbp 24,000, usd 41,000 or eur 30,000.
  • We pay all eligible qualifying hospital treatment and accommodation bills, up to the yearly maximum per person
  • In addition to these, we can also cover out-patient treatment, accident-related dental treatment, maternity costs, wellness checks (after one year of membership) and family doctor treatment, dependent on the level of cover purchased.

Please see the benefits table for detailed information about the benefits available for the different levels of cover. For full details, please refer to the membership pack.

What is not cover ?

There are certain circumstances that we do not cover. Some of these are explained below:

  • You are not covered for pre-existing conditions - ie any condition that you have when you join, or which you have suffered from in the past and which may recur.

  • We also exclude congenital conditions - ie any condition present at, or before, birth. Treatment needed for congenital conditions immediately following birth are covered for the first 90 days.

  • You are not covered for preventive treatment - ie treatment for a condition when no symptom is present (unless otherwise covered by the Wellness benefit on the Classic and Gold levels of cover).

  • you are not covered for physiological changes - ie naturally occurring conditions caused by puberty or ageing.Y

  • ou are not covered for health hydros/ nature cure clinics.

  • You are not covered for elective cosmetic surgery/treatment.

  • You will not be covered for treatment in the USA, unless you have specifically purchased USA cover.

  • We have made special arrangements in the USA. For day-case, MRI, CT, PET scans, in-patient or cancer treatment in the USA you should pre-authorise your treatment. If you pre-authorise your treatment and choose to go outside the network then we can only reimburse 80 percent of your treatment costs. If you do not pre-authorise your treatment then we can only reimburse 50 percent of your treatment costs. Please let us know if you need treatment so that our team can confirm your cover.